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Here at Bilingual Child Care & Education Center, we believe in the fun and interesting educational experience that a Spanish immersion child care center can offer. Your child could see first-hand the fun of Spanish in a unique setting when you enroll them here. You know how important early childhood education and child development are, so why not make their daycare or preschool an enjoyable and immersive experience?

We have two locations: Roseville and Mahtomedi. Request a personalized tour at one of our child care centers today to see if language immersion, caring teachers and a healthy menu could be right for your child. There are many benefits of Spanish immersion, but in today’s blog, we’ll focus on four of the largest ones. Ready to see your child take advantage of all a Spanish immersion environment has to offer for your child’s development? Visit us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

Improved Academic Growth

But language immersion solely focuses on language, right? How will it benefit math, music, science or other subjects? Our center features a Creative Curriculum, which allows children to expand their knowledge in all of those areas and more.

By learning another language, your child will enhance their academic skills as well as their ability to not only learn but also to truly grasp challenging concepts. This will benefit all areas of learning, not just language. In fact, many studies show that language immersion students do just as well if not better than non-immersion students in a wide range of subjects.

Our child development center may only be for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children, but the skills they begin to develop at our daycare will benefit them years into the future, especially if they continue a language immersion program.

Enhanced Cultural Understanding

Our communities are becoming increasingly diverse and our society more global. At our center, we are more than a Spanish immersion school; we also have a focus on Hispanic culture, right down to the food your child will eat every day.

By having a strong emphasis on Hispanic culture and language, your child will develop a stronger understanding of other cultures and what makes them both different from and similar to their own.

Future Employment Opportunities

Let us guess: you are simply looking for an infant daycare and not thinking about your child’s future career. While this may be the case, it’s impossible to deny the advantages that come with being bilingual. By encouraging this growth and learning in your child from a young age, especially if they continue on to a Spanish immersion school, you can set them up with a world of opportunities in the future.

Increased Parent Involvement

At Bilingual Child Care & Education Center, in both Roseville and Mahtomedi, we pride ourselves on our parent involvement. Children learn better when parents are actively engaged in their learning and parents can also get greater satisfaction from seeing how their children advance. Our child care center has created a close-knit bilingual community of families, and we often hold cultural events where you can come together, meet other families and participate in interactive activities. From helping your child read a book in Spanish to watching them perform a dance during cultural night, you will be astounded at all your child can accomplish at our language school and daycare center.

Visit Our Child Development Center Today

Ready for your child to grow academically and socially? Visit Bilingual Child Care & Education Center today for a free tour of our daycare center. Our child care center has a unique balance of education and fun so that your child can truly grow. Contact us today to get started at our center in either Roseville or Mahtomedi! ¡Nos vemos!