Safe, Secure, Happy Babies

We have developed infant care that allows our parents to leave their precious little ones within our loving care with complete peace of mind.

  • Our teachers/care givers develop caring bonds with each child! They also are wonderful about communication with parents to make sure your baby’s individual needs are met each day!
  • You will have access to live view cameras of the classroom and you can easily communicate about all of your baby’s needs and daily care on our Parent App, Educa.
  • We have a calm, quiet, well-supervised crib rooms to support the development of good sleep patterns.
  • Our rooms are spacious, colorful, and engage your child’s positive development. Our experiential learning environment and infant curriculum include exploration, music, movement, stories, fine motor, and activities/materials that visually, cognitively, and physically enhance your child’s growth and development.
  • Your baby will be immersed in the Spanish language, hearing songs and interacting with their caregivers all day long!


Here is what a few of our families have to say about our infant program & care:

“My daughter absolutely loves going to school. She started daycare at 10 weeks old, she is now 20 months and we have loved both rooms she has been in! She actually doesn’t want to come home sometimes. That is telling you a lot about how wonderful the teachers and staff are! Thanks so much for taking such great care of my daughter!”

“Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and recognize how AMAZING everyone is. In the ten minutes I was there this morning, Viry had a tender story and surprise for Huey (she found his sunglasses and knew how much they meant to him). In the gymnasio, all the teachers were radiating positive energy and beautiful smiles. In the baby room there was so much love it was palpable. Johanna had a sweet story about Huey and Roland. Not to mention Roland ADORES her. Faith was so engaged with the kiddos. Vanessa (have a mentioned how wonderful she is) is always full of good ideas about Roland and appreciates all that happens each day. Seriously, in just ten minutes I was (as always) blown away about how GREAT everyone is.”


Below you will find a link to our Parent Handbook that is rich with information about our Center. We are also more than happy to answer all of your questions, offer you a tour, or connect you with one of our families for another parent’s feedback on our center! Contact us today for more information!


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