CBS Minnesota lists Bilingual Child Care & Education Center among best day cares in Minnesota!

“My daughter absolutely loves going to school. She started daycare at 10 weeks old, she is now 20 months and we have loved both rooms she has been in! She actually doesn’t want to come home sometimes. That is telling you a lot about how wonderful the teachers and staff are! Thanks so much for taking such great care of my daughter!”

“Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and recognize how AMAZING everyone is. In the ten minutes I was there this morning, Viry had a tender story and surprise for Huey (she found his sunglasses and knew how much they meant to him). In the gymnasio, all the teachers were radiating positive energy and beautiful smiles. In the baby room there was so much love it was palpable. Johanna had a sweet story about Huey and Roland. Not to mention Roland ADORES her. Faith was so engaged with the kiddos. Vanessa (have I mentioned how wonderful she is) is always full of good ideas about Roland and appreciates all that happens each day. Seriously, in just ten minutes I was (as always) blown away about how GREAT everyone is.”

“Our son has attended BCEC for the past two years and it has been a wonderful experience for him. He loves his teachers and his language skills in both English and Spanish have grown by leaps and bounds. The center is clean and professionally run. My husband and I really appreciate the consistent communication from the center director and our son’s teachers, and it’s great to have regular parent/teacher conferences. Our 5-month-old daughter will start next week and we couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend BCEC to anyone who is looking for an immersion setting.”

“Nadia is the best thing that’s happened to our family! My son adores her and copies everything she does. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send him here.”

“Bilingual Child Care & Education is so much more than a day care center. My son spent his final year before entering kindergarten in Clara and Caro’s loving care. He was constantly excited to tell us what he was learning, to show us his art projects, and more importantly, to go to school every day to play with his friends. Don’t be worried about not “understanding” your children when you pick them up – they compartmentalize and soak up Spanish like little sponges, and it’s so much easier for them when they are little. Their new location and facility looks absolutely amazing – a lot of attention to detail and bright, inviting learning environment. Although our son has started kindergarten, we will always remember his time at Bilingual Child Care and Education Center. Gracias Leah y Miguel!”

“My son has flourished at the center. We chose it because we could tell from the first tour how loving and caring the staff were. The facilities are wonderful. He enjoys his time there and is happy. It makes it easier to be away from him knowing he is in such great care.”

“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the dance Alastair and his classmates did last night at cultural night.  You could tell that they (and you teachers) had worked so hard.  The outfits were also fabulous and the pennies on the shoes – brilliant.  I really appreciate all that you do to make school so interesting for the children.  I know you work so hard.  Thanks again!”  Sarah

“We’ve had a terrific experience with BCEC. Our daughter absolutely loves Nadia and Greta (her teachers) and has a ton of fun at school! We’ve seen an explosion in her verbal abilities – both in English and Spanish over the last few months. We’ll often overhear her singing Spanish songs at night when she goes to bed which makes us so happy and proud. Most importantly though is the level of care and attention given to the children.   Kerry & Gordon

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with BCEC and will highly recommend the program to other friends and families.  Our daughter is thriving in kindergarten and now reading in Spanish.  I truly believe her easy transition is due to the curriculum and structure provided by BCEC.  We wish the program lots of success.”  Deb & Joe

“We truly have appreciated the great job that you and the teachers have done with Miles over the past year. He is speaking Spanish regularly at home – even telling stories in Spanish. I am discovering that his conversational Spanish is better than mine! I know he had an amazing experience at Verano Divertido and we hope to keep sending him there in the future. Thanks again!”  Meredith

“Thanks so much for having such a fun end of the year party for the summer camp!! Mia had a blast!! We are so lucky we found such a fun, educational, nurturing place for her transition/move into Minnesota this year.  She has really loved BCEC!!  Thanks so much for being such a great facility!! The teachers and staff are amazing.  We will definitely miss you all next year.”  Marlo


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