Bilingual Child Care and Education Center is a private, family-owned, small business that first began offering care in 2010. Our program was developed by the Center’s owner and founder, Leah Retamozo. Ms. Retamozo is fluent in Spanish, with Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Latin American Studies and a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota’s Comparative International Development and Education (CIDE) program within the Department of Educational Policy and Administration. Before opening the Center, Ms. Retamozo worked in fund development, communications, and planning for a variety of nonprofit Latino organizations in the Twin Cities as well as for St. Paul Public Schools.

Ms. Retamozo has worked with many educational professionals over the years to develop a customized program for families with children ages 0-5 who wish to raise bilingual children naturally. The program focuses on language and cultural immersion; community; and creating developmentally appropriate, positive, and engaging experiences for children, including lots of learning through play!

Ms. Retamozo’s experiences learning language, traveling, living in Spanish speaking countries, and raising three bilingual children of her own have shaped her beliefs. Bilingualism and cultural immersion have the power to enrich lives, create greater harmony among people, and propel us forward as individuals and within our communities. These beliefs are what inspired the creation of Bilingual Child Care & Education Center!

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