Child Care & Education Enrollment Options
January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020
7:00 am – 5:30 pm M-F

Tuition prices are assigned by age (infant: 2-15 months), toddler (16-32 months), & preschool (33 months to 5 years/prek).

✓ (check one) Schedules Age Weekly Fee
School Age Summer Program 5-9 yrs (Mahtomedi only) $280
Full Time 4-5 days M-F 2-15 months $362.50
16-32 months $320
33 months – 5yrs $295
Part Time 3 days M/W/F 12-15 months (Mahtomedi only) $290
16-32 months $255
33 months – 5yrs $235
Part Time 2 days T/TH 12-15 months (Mahtomedi only) $224.75
16-32 months $195
33 months – 5yrs $185

PART TIME SCHEDULES: Regardless of the schedule you choose, families are invited to use the center during the hours of operation on the days indicated by the chosen schedule. There is no separate pricing for half-day schedules.

TUITION DEPOSITS: Your two-week tuition deposit is based on the price of the schedule you use. As your child ages, your tuition deposit will be adjusted and you will receive a credit. Your deposit pays for your last two weeks of care. You must submit a change of enrollment form to change schedules with a 30-day notice.

SIBLING DISCOUNT:  There is a 10% discount for multiple children enrolled.  The discount will be applied to the 2nd and multiple children from the same nuclear family and to the tuition amount that is less.

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